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gold article


Gold, the name itself is enough to describe its qualities, than too let’s have a look into some more information about the gold. Gold is considered to be the best of all metals, due to its qualities, we’ll talk about it further in context. The instant thought come in our mind with gold word is jewels, rings, necklaces, bangles, etc. Gold is attractive and precious metal. Do you know, in early days India was known as SONE KI CHIDIYA (bird of gold), cause the finest form of gold is found in India, and still Indian women wear the most amount of gold in the whole world.

 India is rich in culture, spiritually and also in knowledge. Our Vedic scientific knowledge is much richer than the modern scientific knowledge. According to vedas, gold is the best metal for living beings, as it does not get oxidised easily. It can be used for making jewellery as well as can be used for making utensils. But in this modern world, where mostly everything is impured and recycled it’s hard to find pure form, as it is a rare and expensive metal too. That’s the reason we get mixed, recycled and impured forms of gold in market, which is harmful for living being.

The more designed and delicate design you ask for gold the more mixed gold you get. Real gold has heavy weight. But wearing or using pure gold is way better than looking for designs. Wearing pure gold has many benefits not only on your health but on your personality as well.

Some of its health benefits are:

1.       It improves blood circulation, and reduces the chances of heart problems.

2.       Gold can help to decrease the growth of cancerous cells.

3.       Make the person look attractive with his personality, good health.

4.       The person who is consuming gold, decrease the chances to have heart or stomach problems.

5.       The person who consume gold, gold will decrease the chances of getting chronic diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS etc.

6.       Consuming gold also helps to think and confidence to stand out.

7.       Gold can also control any kind of infection. Gold works as a poison for infection causing pathogens.

8.       It regulates body temperature.

9.       It also gives energy to your body and surrounding for better living and best life style.

10.   It can also help in creating positive environment around yourself.

All these things can only possible when you wear pure gold. Here, at chakradhari, we provide you 99.9% pure gold for betterment of your living and making your lifestyle better. It will not only help you but also your surroundings to make a better place for living beings to live. Now it’s your choice to choose right and wrong.

Some of our products with 99.9% pure gold for the betterment of you and living beings are: 
- 99.9% 24 कैरेट शुद्ध स्वर्ण वर्क ₹1100
- 24 कैरेट 99.9% शुद्ध स्वर्ण मुद्रिका ₹31800
– स्वर्ण मांग तिलक -99.9% PURE 24 कैरेट (4 gm) ₹28640
- 99.9% शुद्ध सोना-चाँदी संयुक्त कड़ा (स्त्री एवं पुरुष ) ₹55655
-22 कैरेट बिस्किट्स डिज़ाइन स्वर्ण चैन ₹60963
-22 कैरेट कमल डिज़ाइन स्वर्ण चैन ₹69412
-22 कैरेट कमल डिज़ाइन स्वर्ण चैन ओउम पेन्डेन्ट के साथ ₹294230
-22 कैरेट रोड डिज़ाइन स्वर्ण चैन ₹58549
स्वर्ण, ताम्बा एव रजत-३ धातु कड़ा ९९.९% शुद्धता के साथ ₹415000
- वैदिक ओउम सूर्य लटकन 22 कैरट ₹51672