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silver chain


Jewellery is mainly made up of precious metals e. g. gold, silver, etc. Chain is considered to be a common neck piece for everyone. It can be designed according to the wearer needs. It is commonly made with gold and silver. As gold is costly, some people prefer to wear silver as it is less expensive than the gold.

Silver is considered to be the good choice when it comes on choosing metal to wear on body. It is believed that silver has energy to healing wounds, cure diseases and resist the growth of dangerous pathogens. Also, silver has ability to take energy from the earth and reflect it to provide the energy to the wearer.

Silver chains can be worn by anyone. It regulates body temperature by providing the correct amount of energy from earth to the body. It gives mental peace to the wearer which helps in decision making. It works as a transformer, for supply a needed amount of energy to maintain the balance. It also helps in keeping mental thoughts cool and keeps mind calm. By wearing silver chain, it makes your Moon and Venus strong.

IMPORTANT NOTE: silver can’t be worn alone in neck. It can be paired with gemstones or any other pendent. If you are pairing it with the gemstone than make sure that gem has ability to maintain the balance of hot and cold energies. 
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी बिस्कुट डिजाईन चैन [51 CM] ₹6504
- 92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी डिब्बा चैन ₹1643
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी अंकुर चैन [44.5cm] ₹1072
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी डिस्को चैन [44.5CM] ₹1016
- 92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी बूंद चैन ₹2087
- 92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी जलेबी चैन ₹893
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी नन्हा डिब्बा चैन [ 46CM ] ₹540
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी साँकल चैन [45.3CM] ₹3433
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी झेला चैन [45.8CM] ₹737
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी पेंसिल चैन [46 CM] ₹1353
- 92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी दाब चैन ₹2645
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी प्रतिबिंब चैन [ 45.5CM ] ₹764
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी रस्सी चैन [50.3CM] ₹2722
- 92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी सचिन चैन ₹8995
- 92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी चमक गेंद चैन ₹598
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी गुत्थी चैन [46 CM] ₹747
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी शून्य चैन [ 45.5 cm ] ₹591
92.5% शुद्ध चाँदी दुना मणि चैन [45.9CM] ₹1009